Special notice for Iner-Tech’s and Hielscher’s customers

Dear Customers,

Following the CovID 19 situation, Hielscher Ultrasonic GmbH have asked us to update our customers (and potential customers) in the followings, to join hands with the world-wide effort to tackle the CovID19 virus pandemic.

Hielscher Ultrasonics now offers a free warranty extension to 40 months for new purchased devices from 50 to 4000 watts. This includes all items and parts. It does not include sonotrode wear, transportation charges and custom duties or fees.

As this is a limited-time offer, please make sure to place your order ASAP.

You may contact us at nora@iner-tech.com or 054-6876600 (Nora)

Read more: https://www.hielscher.com/coronavirus-covid-19-sars-cov-2-and-ultrasonics.htm

Ultrasound technology has most impressive advantages for accelerating process speed in most applications:

  1. Ultrasonics in Virus Research https://www.hielscher.com/ultrasonics-virus-research.htm
  1. Ultrasonic Solutions for Improved Vaccine Production https://www.hielscher.com/ultrasonic-solutions-for-improved-vaccine-production.htm

    Ultrasonic Applications for Vaccine Production 

    Improved Vaccine Formulation with Power Ultrasound

  1. Ultrasonic Formulation of Pharmaceuticals
  1. Ultrasonics for Research in Bioscience and Bio-Chemistry:

In addition, if you have any requests on articles about other specific applications, please let us know and we will be happy to be of service.

  • To support the pharma research and production, Hielscher Ultrasonics is currently prioritizing any orders from the pharma and R&D sector.
  • We are welcome to use the SEARCH at hielscher.com. There you may access a library of hundreds of well investigated articles in the background available. You can look for specific terms. (e.g. fertilizer, pigment or aroma…)

Best regards and health to you and your family, and take care

Iner-Tech team