MicroNIR Pro - compact NIR spectrometer

An ultra-compact, general-purpose spectrometer

The MicroNIR™ Pro is an excellent development tool for a new user assessing the feasibility of NIR spectroscopy for their applications. The product is offered with a number of accessories that allow for ease of use in an at-line or laboratory setting.

Viavi’s MicroNIR Pro 1700 ES is a lightweight and cost-effective near infrared (NIR) spectrometer that includes Viavi’s high-precision optical coating technology with innovation in optical system design and miniaturization.

By combining Viavi linear variable filter (LVF) technology as the dispersing element, the spectrometer has a light source, collection optics, electronics, and LVF in a housing that measures <50 mm in diameter, <45 mm in height and weighs only 64 g. The spectrometer is USB powered and can be used in diffuse reflection, transmission, or transflection modes.

Standard Accessories

  • Standard collar for normal operation
  • Vial holder with 100 5 ml glass vials
  • Windowed collar for powder and soft material measurement and easy cleaning
  • 99% spectralon references for vial measurement and point-and-shoot operation
  • Softshell case for transportation and shipping
  • Bracket with ¼-20 thread for ease of mounting on regular optical post or mount