UIP400MTP- Ultrasonic homogenizers

Microtiter Plate Mass Sample Preparation by Ultrasonication
Microtiter plates, multi-well plates, 96-well plates or ELISA plates are used for the mass sample cultivation and processing of biological samples. With the microtiter plate ultrasonicator UIP400MTP, Hielscher offers a unique ultrasonic solution of the uniform and reliable sample preparation of 96-well plates. Common applications of the microtiter ultrasonicator UIP4000MTP include cell lysis, protein extraction, cell homogenization and solubilization as well as DNA fragmentation.

Mass Sample Preparation with the Ultrasonicator UIP400MTP
Microtiter plates and 96-well plates are tools for the simultaneously handling and processing a large number of samples. As its name “96-well plate” already indicates, micro-well plates have 96 wells and can hold thereby 96 individual samples. Sample preparation before analysis, e.g. before cell-based assays (such as ELISA or PCR) requires cell lysis, cell disruption as well as protein extraction and releasing other targeted intracellular molecules. Ultrasonic cell lysis and extraction is a long-time and well established method of high-quality sample preparation. Ultrasonic cell lysis and protein extraction is performed in accordance to protocols and gives thereby repeatable and reliable results. The mass-sample ultrasonicator UIP400MTP is a 400 watts powerful ultrasonic system that couples the ultrasonic waves indirectly through the walls of the multi-well plates into the sample medium. Each of the 96 sample wells is sonicated with the exactly same ultrasonic intensity resulting in superior cell lysis and extraction yields.

Advantages of the UIP400MTP MassSample Ultrasonicator

Uniform sonication of 1 – 384 samples
Compatible with any standard multi-well plate
Simultaneous mass sample preparation
Precisely controllable sonication parameters (amplitude, duration, cycle, temperature)
Reproducible, repeatable results

Precise Temperature Control During Microtiter Plate Sonication

The UIP400MTP is a 400 watts powerful ultrasonicator, which transmits ultrasound waves and vibrations indirectly through the walls of the microtiter plate into the samples and creates cavitation and shear forces in the medium. As all mechanical cell disruption methods, sonication creates heat. However, in contrast to alternative cell disruption methods, the UIP400MTP allows for sophisticated temperature monitoring and pre-setting of temperature limits to prevent any thermal degradation of the biological samples. The UIP400MTP is equipped with a smart software. Via the digital touch screen, the menu can be easily accessed to pre-set temperature limits and to program the total energy input for your sample run. Monitoring the sample temperature: The MultiSample Ultrasonicator UIP400MTP is equipped with an intelligent software and a pluggable temperature sensor. Plug the temperature sensor into the UIP400MTP and insert the tip of the temperature sensor in one of the microtiter wells. Via digital coloured touch-display, you can set in the menu of the UIP400MTP a specific temperature range for your sample sonication. The ultrasonicator will automatically stop when the max temperature is reached and pause until the sample temperature is down to the lower value of the set temperature ∆. Then the sonication starts automatically again. This smart feature prevents heat-induced degradation. If possible, you might pre-cool the microtiter plate and its samples to postpone reaching the critical temperature limit.