Products linked to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Characterized by high precision, low standard deviation and uncompromising quality, as required by the pharmaceutical industry. Suitable for permaculture standards.
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The Food Industry
Products suitable for the food industry. Are characterized by the safety of food use, are suitable for the environment and do not create side effects as well as high quality work.
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Safety and Security
Products suitable for the defense industry. Are characterized by strong and accurate detectors, characterization of materials and identification of material imprints in the most precise and advanced manner possible. The products are highly durable with strong covers, seals and elasticity that protect the devices from damage.
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Manufacturing and Industry
Products suitable for production lines and working environments. High durability, high throughput and increased workload. Connectable to automated control systems on assembly lines. Made of easy to clean materials.
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Research and Development
Research and development Products are suitable for laboratories and research institutes. Simple to operate, suitable for a variety of applications and protocol development and can be scale-up.
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The Cannabis Industry
It is a relatively young industry in Israel, starting only in recent years and demonstrating a significant and dynamic growth. This industry’s focus lies not only in examining Cannabis inflorescences but also producing oils, related products (such as cosmetics, edibles), implementing the Cannabis plant into existing industries and up to true pharmaceutical products.
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