"Asia" Flow Chemistry System

Asia is a revolutionary range of advanced flow chemistry products from Syrris. It has been designed by chemists for chemists to enable the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use.

At a glance

The proprietary technology allows manually controlled or fully automated experiments. The Asia Flow Chemistry System offers maximum chemical resistance with an extensive range of temperatures, pressures, and reaction times on scales from mg to kg.  The Asia Flow Chemistry System celebrated its unique design as a winner of the R&D 100 Award for innovative technology, is a benchmark of excellence in continuous flow, and is proven in over 250 publications.

  1. System can be tailored to your chemistry
    Asia offers a variety of flow chemistry modules and systems for both beginners with modest budgets and experts who demand the utmost functionality advanced configurations. The modular nature allows you to be flexible with your applications and adapt your configuration to suit your needs.  The Asia system is truly the most flexible flow chemistry system available.
  2. Precise control of your reaction
    Asia allows unprecedented control of reaction conditions. Precise control of key reaction parameters such as temperature, reaction time, mixing and molar ratios allows for higher yields and better selectivity. Reactions that would otherwise be difficult using traditional batch conditions can easily be harnessed, flow reactions can be telescoped (or run in sequence), reactive intermediates can be prepared with no isolation and potentially hazardous reagents can be generated and used in-situ.
  3. Smooth and Accurate Pumping
    Designed specifically for flow chemistry, the Asia Syringe Pump provides incredibly smooth flow rates over the complete range of dynamic flow rates. Precise flow rates with extremely smooth pressure output are key to getting the greatest control for your flow chemistry experiments.  The compact microfluidic module offers two independent flow channels each with an integrated pressure sensor and an accurate flow rate range from 1 μL to 10 mL/min.
  4. Continuous reaction work-up and analysis
    Asia adds the ability to perform key post-synthesis work-up and analysis. The Asia FLLEX module is the flow chemistry equivalent of a separation funnel. The module performs extraction of your impurities followed by separation of the aqueous and organic phase using advanced membrane technology.  The Asia Sampler and Dilutor enables on-line reaction analysis by offering automated sample extraction, dilution and transfer to virtually any LCMS, GCMS, UPLC, etc. without stopping your experiment.