"Asia" Syringe Pump

The “Asia” Syringe pump is an ultra smooth and extremely chemistry resistant syringe pump from Syrris. It can be used in isolation or as part of an “Asia” system. It is designed specifically for flow chemistry and features patented technology.

Designed specifically for flow chemistry the Asia Syringe pump provides 2 channel -2 syringes per channel pump,  an ultra-smooth flow rate of 1.0 μL to 10 mL/min, pressures up to 20 bar (300psi), various dosing methods, and is constructed from extremely chemically resistant materials.

The Asia Syringe Pump offers two independent flow channels each with an integrated pressure sensor and is controlled by the intuitive front panel’s twist and click control knob with screen (enabling it to be used with your existing lab equipment) or by the Asia Manager PC software.

The Asia Syringe Pump offers ultimate ease of use. The valves, pressure sensors, and syringes can all be unclipped / unscrewed in seconds without the need for tools. Its lightweight design and small footprint allow chemists to easily move it around the lab.

Pump volatile, viscous, and corrosive liquids

The Asia Syringe Pump’s patented design enables it to smoothly pump solvents not possible with High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)-style pumps, such as volatile solvents (e.g. DCM and ether), viscous liquids and corrosive liquids. This ability enables chemists to perform a wider range of flow chemistries with greater confidence and reliability in results.

Flexible control modes

The Asia Syringe Pump can be operated in standalone mode using the click wheel control and screen or controlled by the Asia PC Manager Software; either mode offers quick and easy flow rate control.

When used as part of a larger flow chemistry system, the Asia Syringe Pump accurately controls and runs complex flow chemistry experiments with the click of a button.

The Asia Syringe Pump’s standalone control enables it to be used with your existing RS232-enabled equipment.

Benefits of the Asia Syringe Pump

  • Flexible: The Asia Syringe Pump offers two independent flow channels (each with integrated pressure sensing)
  • Extremely smooth flow rate: Incredibly smooth flow rate is provided by each channel
  • Wide pressure range: Operating pressure of 20 bar (300psi)
  • Safe: PTFE pressure sensor on each channel with automatic overpressure stop
  • No tools required: Replace valves, syringes and pressure sensors without the need for tools
  • Easy to use on its own: Twist and click control knob and large LCD display
  • Wide flow rate range: 1.0 μL to 10 mL/min
  • Intelligent: PC Software enables quick and easy control of flow chemistry process
  • Compact: The Asia Syringe Pump is just 16cm (6.3″) wide
  • Excellent chemical compatibility: PTFE (and other fluorinated polymers) and glass only

Asia syringe volumes and flow rates

Each Asia Syringe pump channel has 2 syringes of X and 2X volumes

  • Asia Yellow Syringes (50 µL / 100 µL): 1.0 µL to 250 µL/min)
  • Asia Green Syringes (250 µL / 500 µL): 5.0 µL to 1.25 µL/min)
  • Asia Blue Syringes (500 µL / 1 mL): 10 µL to 2.5 mL/min)
  • Asia Red Syringes (2.5 mL / 5 mL): 50 µL to 10 mL/min