DinoEye Edge - Digital camera for Microscopes

AM7025X DinoEye Edge 5MP eyepiece camera, by Dino-Lite, fits eyepiece of existing microscope- provides superior image quality and true colour reproduction. This makes this new DinoEye suitable for demanding applications where true colour reproduction is of the utmost importance, like with pathology samples or quality control.

The large field of view allows you to capture more details with one image. You can replace one of the eyepieces of the microscope by the Dino-Eye camera which has a diameter of 23mm, or you can use one of the provided adapters of 30mm or 30,5mm to make it fit.

Additionally, you can use the c-mount thread that is included with the 30.5mm adapter to be able to connect the DinoEye to the c-mount adapter (not included) on the Trinocular tube of the microscope. The AM7025X eyepiece camera will therefore fit to almost all microscope brands and models available. The AM7025X comes with DinoCapture software for Windows and DinoXcope software for MAC, which includes measurement, annotation, video and time-lapse functions.