Digital microscope Dino-Lite AM7915MZT

With the use of the latest, cutting-edge optics, a brand new 5 megapixel sensor and several special features, the Dino-Lite AM7915MZT/L models are a marvel of technology and the best choice for the high-demanding professional. The Dino-Lite AM7915MZT/L models offer superb image quality and color reproduction in a robust, compact and appealing housing.

Magnification x10-x220 for standard working distance and x10-x140 for Long Working Distance (up to 23cm).

With the Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) feature, the details of darker or brighter areas within the object can be revealed by stacking images at different exposure levels. The Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) feature automatically stacks images at different focus level to improve the depth of field on rough or uneven surfaces. With the built-in automatic magnification reading (AMR), measurements can be performed easily and quickly. Because of the built-in polarization filter this model is ideal when working with shiny or reflective objects such as metal, plastic, glass, jewelry, electronics, etc.

The main features of the Dino-Lite AM7915MZT/L are:

• 5 Megapixel Edge sensor

• Extended Depth of Field (EDOF)

• Extended Dynamic Range (EDR)

• Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR)

• Adjustable polarizer

• Flexible LED Control (FLC)

• And more…

(*EDOF/EDR only functions under Windows OS)