FireStingGO2 - pocket oxygen meter

Based on the successful FireStingO2 technology from PyroScience the pocket oxygen meter FireStingGO2 was developed, coming with high-contrast display, integrated rechargeable battery, huge data memory, and versatile long-term logging features. It has never been easier to perform your oxygen measurements in gas and liquids wherever you go! We implemented leading-edge technology with ultra-low power consumption, allowing long-term logging for longer than 1 year, even with permanently activated display. And an industrial-grade 4GB internal data memory will keep all your data even during long expeditions. Moreover, the FireStingGO2 from PyroScience offers most of all the other versatile features of the proven FireStingO2 series.

Oxygen Port. It comes with an ST-connector compatible to a broad range of fiber-optic oxygen sensors and contact-less oxygen sensors. The oxygen sensor of your choice must be purchased separately.

Temperature Port. It also comes with a Lemo-connector for PT100 temperature sensors which can be used for automatic temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement, or simply for logging temperatures in liquids and gases.

Integrated rechargeable battery. The FireStingGO2 from PyroScience comes with a powerful integrated lithium ion polymer battery, supporting a reliable stand-alone operation.

Integrated Pressure and Humidity Sensors for Easy Calibration. The FireStingGO2 device comes with integrated sensors for atmospheric pressure and relative humidity of the ambient air, which are important parameters for precision calibrations of oxygen sensors.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compact (68 x 120 x 30 mm)
  • Integrated rechargeable battery for long-term logging (up to 1-2 years!)
  • Data memory for 40 million data points
  • Works with robust probes, flow-through-cells, microsensors, minisensors, respiration vials, sensor spots…
  • Works with normal range and trace sensors
  • Works in gas (%O2) and in liquids (DO)