High Magnification Digital Microscopes series

Dino-Lite models within the High Magnification series offer magnifications of 400x, 500x or even a dazzling 900 times. Microscopes in this range offer an image resolution of 1.3 megapixel or 5 megapixels, a USB connection and include the user-friendly DinoCapture software. Models with built-in polarizer to reduce reflection or models with an extra robust metal housing are also available.

One of the top models in the high magnification range is the Dino-Lite AM7515MT8A model. With up to 900x magnification and high-resolution optics (5MP) it reveals details as small as 1.5 micrometer (µm). It has built-in coaxial illumination and Flexible LED Control (FLC), this model can switch between or mixing, brightfield and coaxial illumination.

These unique features make the Dino-Lite High Magnification models great inspection tools for biomedical and scientific research, material analysis, electronics inspection, or any similar application that require high magnification, versatility and mobility.

For maximum stability is it advised to work with the sturdy and ultra-stable high-end stand RK-10A.
RK-10A stand is constructed of resilient stainless steel and lightweight aluminium and offers a very precise fine-focus adjustment as well as a quick release function.
RK-10-PX: XY positioning arm with accurate and smooth adjustment options, designed for all sorts of applications that require fine examination with a X- and Y-axis movement