HT/HTR series Analytical Balance

HT/HTR series by VIBRA

Analytical Balance


World-first Analytical Balance with Tuning Fork sensor!

Revolutional performance outreaches the common, basic scale.


Resolution: 1/2,200,000

Built-in calibration weight for Automatic and semi-automatic Span Adjustment(HT-R)


Short warm-up time

Dry Battery operation is available, first in Analytical Balance (Optional)

Light weight and compact body

Full Automatic Span Adjustment Function

Full-automatic Span Adjustment function, which automatically detects a shift in the environment like ambient temperature change or longer time usage and calibrate (span adjustment) scale, is equipped. Periodic calibration maintains high-accuracy of the scale.

Standard equipped RS-232C

Large LCD display with back-light

Back-light function is added to large LCD display to read out even in a dark place. Useful in dark environments.

Density measurement Kit (Option)