iWO - microplate washer

The Autobio iWO is a state of the art microplate washer, designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s microplate-based applications. Autobio iWO is for research use only.

Flexible Wash Procedure Programming

Wash procedures are created as a sequence of previously configured wash cycles defining the desired parameters for:

  • Aspirating with selectable duration and power. The crosswise aspirate feature guarantees minimal residual volume.
  • Dispensing high precision with variable volume and power.
  • Washing can be performed either in bottom- or overflow wash mode.
  • Shaking at selectable time, amplitude and speed is used to minimize bubbles and adherence of liquid to well surface.
  • Soaking duration can be set as required and assures repeatable timing of each wash procedure.

Up to 100 wash programs and wash cycles can be defined and stored on Autobio iWO. Combined with the selection of the programmed plate type and wash liquid to be used with the assay, perfect wash results can be achieved.

Priming and Rinsing

To facilitate maintenance and reduce the risk of clogging, priming and rinsing the system can be performed manually, automatically or periodically.

One, Two, or Four Wash Liquids

Depending on the configuration, Autobio iWO can connect to either one, two, or four wash bottles and one waste bottle. The wash solution to be used is defined in the wash protocol. Optional liquid level detection for wash and waste bottles can be added to assure safer processing.

Additional Features

  • All parts are easily accessible for cleaning and regular maintenance.
  • Built-in high-performance pump for quiet
  • External Power supply for increased safety.