"La Petite" - Compact Glove Box

Economical, glove box, just two-thirds the size of the standard glove box.

The La Petite Glove Box by Plas-Labs is comprised of essentially only two components. The top and bottom are sealed using a revolutionary new gel used in the clean room industry. The 815-PGB is designed to be ergonomically correct for the average person.


  • Lightweight, easy to move from lab to lab.
  • Optically clear, one piece formed top is unbreakable.
  • Bright white one piece bottom formed out of high temperature Noryl has “easy clean” corners.
  • Gel Sealant.
  • Stainless steel clamps have security locking features.
  • Large access door (12″ opening)
  • Four ground key-cock valves for purging and gas entry.
  • Adjustable Rh gauge.
  • “Weathertite” duplex electrical outlet with safety covers.
  • White leveling plate for transferring liquids.
  • All stainless-steel clamps are adjustable.
  • Vacuum gauge on transfer chambers.
  • 9″ Butyl gloves included
  • Plas-Labs Standard 24-month warranty.

Gel Sealant System

  • This new gel was developed specifically for the clean room industry. It was first used for secure sealing of the HEPA filter system.
  • The gel does not support biological growth.
  • It will not “outgas” and is nontoxic.
  • It contains no silicone which might cause contamination.
  • It is an air tight, water tight barrier.
  • It is highly adhesive yet quick releasing and self-healing.