LUmo - microplate luminometer

The Autobio LUmo is a state of the art microplate luminometer for glow luminescence applications. The Autobio LUmo was developed focusing on top-level performance, cost efficiency, and reliability. Its design and functionality is the result of more than 20 years’ experience in microplate instrumentation.

The Autobio LUmo has high sensitivity for low analyte concentrations, and has a large dynamic range, increasing assay linearity and enabling reliable interpretation of very high and very low analyte concentrations. The Autobio LUmo also incorporates a sophisticated adaptive positioning system, keeping the detector as close as possible above the sample to eliminate instrument-related crosstalk and to make optimum use of Autobio LUmo’s high sensitivity and dynamic range.

LUmo is for research use only.

Key Features

  • High sensitivity at 1×10-23mole HRP
  • Large dynamic range of 0 to 1.6×109RLU
  • Sophisticated adaptive positioning system to eliminate crosstalk
  • Speed: 40 seconds to read a 96-well plate at 0.1 seconds integration time
  • Easy robotic integration
  • Streamlined design perfect for maintaining a clean lab environment
  • Shaking: 3 modes
  • Spectral range: 300-650 nm

Additional Highlights

  • Low power consumption and minimal heat generation
  • No fan/blower means silent operation and no entry of dust into the instrument
  • Flat-top surface saves valuable lab space and accommodates other instruments
  • Minimal maintenance