MX908 ™ - hand spectrometer for danger detection

MX908™ by 908Devices leverages High-Pressure Mass Spectrometry (HPMS) to deliver dramatically enhanced sensitivity and broader threat category coverage. This second-generation tool increases mission support with unmatched flexibility and detection power for elite responders in chemical, explosive, drug, and high priority toxic industrial chemical (TIC) scenarios. MX908 lightens the overall technology burden by obsoleting other less selective technologies from the response toolkit.

908Devices experts implemented MX908 ™ with advanced algorithms that provide the ability to quickly find target threats in real time and in real-world environments. The onboard analytics automatically identify multiple threats and provide straightforward, easy-to-understand results.

MX908 hosts an all hazards threat list which has been upgraded to include a broader spectrum of chemical warfare agents (CWA), explosives and high priority toxic industrial chemical (TIC) targets. From military grade, commercial and improvised explosives to novel threat materials, MX908 supports the needs of the modern mission.