NANOPHOX - high resolution nanoparticle size analysis

 NANOPHOX by Sympatec, specializing particles analysis before all.

In general, the acquisition of scattered light intensities of particles under thermal motion is deployed for nanoparticle characterisation (principle of dynamic light scattering (DLS)). NANOPHOX brings Photon Cross-correlation Spectroscopy (PCCS) to life, which allows for high resolution nanoparticle size analysis in high concentrated suspensions and emulsions ranging from 0.5 nm to 10,000 nm with minimum sample preparation. Nanoparticle size, size distribution and polydispersity are as reliably analysed with this method of dynamic light scattering as are the stability of dispersion.

The application of cross-correlation technology allows the calculation of the particle size distribution by eliminating the effect of multiple scattering. The amplitude of the cross-correlation function, which depends on the multiple scattering, provides direct measurement of changes in particle number and size. Differentiating measurements of agglomeration and sedimentation behaviour as well as about special effects like particle-particle interactions and changes in viscosity of high concentrated samples thus become feasible. NANOPHOX is ideally suited for research and development as well as for industrial quality control. Typical applications comprise polymer suspensions and emulsions, pharmaceutical emulsions, inks and research on nanomaterials in general. In pharmacy and biochemistry nanoparticles serve as API carriers or can be charged with molecules for targeted drug delivery.