New microscope camera series – now for fluorescence as well!

The new Moticam S line of cameras (for bright field, dark field, phase and fluorescent microscopy) marks yet another milestone of Motic’s digital microscopy expansion. By using the latest sCMOS sensors coupled with our own PCB design and on-board image management systems, each Moticam S promises to deliver professional digital microscopy solutions at an affordable price. The Moticam brand is recognized around the world as representing easy to use and adaptable attachable cameras for virtually any microscope. Whether for Educational, Industrial or Clinical use, this new generation of Moticam S has a unit for even the most demanding users.

The new Motic sCMOS cameras developed by German engineering represent a new impetus to manufacturing quality, technical precision and lightweight design. With a member of this line the door for new application fields opens wide. The accelerated data readout (Global Shutter) also enables to work on fast moving phenomena. Moticam Pro S5 Lite presents a 2/3” sensor with 5MP at a frame rate of up to 40 fps in full resolution. As the peak of Moticam S Series, this camera covers all important aspects of a camera: resolution for detailed information, speed for moving/living samples and image grabbing to cover large sample areas.

The Pro S5 line is ideal for your fluorescence microscopy needs. Delivering CCD like performance in an sCMOS price-bracket, the Pro S5 line is available in Lite and Plus versions featuring Global Shutter technology as well as large pixels and up to 175fps.