Optical Multi-Analyte Meter - FireSting pro

• Compact fiber-optic multi-analyte meter
• 1, 2, or 4 ports for optical oxygen, pH, or temperature sensors
• Each optical port freely configurable
• Broad portfolio of optical sensor heads
• 1 temperature channel (Pt100)
• Integrated pressure and humidity sensors
• High-precision temperature and pressure compensation
• Versatile logging software

The new compact FireSting pro from PyroScience is an unprecedented one-device solution for multiple analytes and sensor heads. It is a PC-controlled (USB) fiber-optic multi-analyte meter available with 1, 2 or 4 optical ports, which can be combined with the complete sensor portfolio for optical O2, pH, and temperature sensors from PyroScience. Each optical port is freely configurable for several analytes and sensor types. These range from microsensors (50 µm tip) to robust probes (3 mm tip) and include diverse smart contactless sensor solutions (for measurements in closed systems/respirometry, microfluidics and complex geometries), as well as sensors for different ranges (full and trace range O2, pH ranges). A precision Pt100 temperature sensor can be connected to the temperature port, allowing automatic zero noise and zero latency temperature compensation of the optical sensor measurements in samples with varying temperatures, even during high speed measurements. The new FireSting pro from PyroScience features improved ambient light suppression for applications at in situ light conditions, as well as smart measurement modes for prolonged sensor lifetime. Several FireSting pro devices can be simply operated with a single PC in a single Pyro Workbench window, offering scalable fiber-optic multi-parameter sensor systems with e.g. 8, 16, 32, or 64 channels. It has never been easier to measure important parameters in a single sample at high precision with maximum flexibility concerning analyte, sensor format, measuring mode, and application range.

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