OPUS - real-time particle size and concentration analysis

real-time particle size and concentration analysis in process environments from below 0.1 µm to 3,000 µm

The ultrasonic extinction spectrometer OPUS by Sympatec, specializing particles analysis before all, analyses particle size distribution as well as concentration of your suspension or emulsion ranging from below 1 µm to 3 mm. For many years, OPUS is successfully operating in crystallization, grinding and homogenization processes and proves its manifold performances. With various applications, OPUS is repeatedly revealing new insights – not only in production lines but also in pilot plants and lab settings.

Liquid dispersions with a high concentration of solid particles or droplets, often totally opaque, are typically found in production processes. Optical analyzers would require a high degree of dilution. Dilution not only causes an extensive preparation effort but changes the original state of dispersion. Ultrasonic extinction provides an outstanding performance for particle size analysis of suspensions and emulsions. One of the major benefits of ultrasonic extinction is the ability to operate in highly concentrated mediums, which typically come along with wet process stages. A solid content between 5 and 50 % by volume is the typical range of concentration. These are perfect conditions for OPUS, which even may be applied at concentrations up to 70 % by volume – typical for paste-like particulate systems.