Orb - manual laboratory reactor

Orb Jacketed Reactor by Syrris

Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, Orb is the jacketed reactor system combining high performance and excellent value.

Orb’s intuitive design makes using jacketed reactors simple with the ability to use a wide vessel range from 100 mL to 10 L on one system. The compact design saves space and provides a robust, reliable platform to suit your chemical processes.

1. Wide range of vessels

One Orb, multiple vessels. The Orb technology by Syrris allows vessels from 100 mL to 10 L to be utilized on one system. Single jacket or vacuum jacketed reactors in torispherical or round bottom profiles can be used on the system. Torispherical reactors are the ideal choice for your scale up studies.

2. Quick vessel change

The unique vessel clamp, oil drain function and quick connections allow vessels to be interchanged in minutes providing the utmost in flexibility. Simply lift the stirrer motor out of the way, unlock the clamp and you can remove the reactor and lid. The oil drain function allows to remove oil without any fuss or spillages.

3. Unbelievable value

Orb has been introduced to be the workhorse in your laboratory. With many years developing reactor systems, Syrris developed Orb to be the system to overcome all the issues associated with fixed reactors in the lab. The system has been designed to be supplied at a very attractive price.

4. Tool-free height adjustment

The unique frame allows you to adjust the Orb vessel height without any tools so you can work at a level that is suitable for you.

5. Unmatched thermal performance

Orb vessels offer accurate thermal performance from -40°C to +200°C (or -90°C to +250°C with temperature upgrade kits).

6. Wide accessory range

Condensers, stirrers, probes, baffles, powder or pressure equalizing liquid funnels, port adapters, stoppers, etc. are all available on the Orb platform.