Panthera POL TEC - Polarizing microscopes

The Panthera TEC POL series by Motic fills a last gap in the Panthera family: Polarization microscopes for all material sciences, ready to handle transparent samples like fibers and foils with their inherent birefringence. The Incident light models for opaque materials work out the specific reflectivity (bireflection) of flat surfaces. To extend the application fields, all microscopes carry an intermediate tube with Bertrand lens to analyze the crystal structure and interference figures of gems, precious stones and minerals.

The Panthera TEC POL models present a high flexibility for the inspection of all kind of polarizing materials, for transparent samples as well as for opaque specimen from technical education environments and industrial quality control. Even transparent birefringent structures from biology and medicine (heart muscle cells, secondary cell walls, etc.) can be detected by the Full Koehler illumination with exchangeable LED/Halogen light source.

The 360° rotatable stage runs smooth for an easy positioning of the sample, bringing interesting regions precisely into the crossing point of the eyepiece reticle. With Panthera TEC POL models now also opaque industrial samples can be examined to detect bireflection of flat polished/etched surfaces. Brilliant optics for significant image results, flexible setups with a smart illumination concept, models with integrated camera to document and to share images: The Panthera TEC POL series is ready to facilitate your daily work significantly.