Quality Desiccators by Plas-Labs

Plas-Labs desiccators are designed to protect, store, or assist in moving critical materials and prevent contamination. They are dust and moisture free enclosures which safeguard valuable research specimens or sensitive electronic components. Under positive N2 gas flow, they prevent moisture from penetrating the molecular structure of stored components. The amber units are very effective for protection from harmful U.V. rays for light sensitive components. Custom styles and sizes are readily available.

Multiple Cubicle Desiccators

These portable desiccator storage cabinets are much safer than individually stacked units. All storage units are mounted on stainless steel support carts and remain stable during transportation. Each air tight cubicle includes two acrylic shelves.

Transparent amber units provide U.V. protection for light sensitive materials.

Three standard sizes are available and custom fabrication is welcome.


  • All shelves have perforated slots (grooves) for optimum gas saturation.
  • Units are all stackable with non-slip grip tight feet.
  • Standardization of construction means inter changeable shelving.
  • All chambers with two or more cubicles have a built-in cubicle divider.
  • Units are constructed of optically clear acrylic
  • Slip-a-part hinges are standard.
  • Sealing clamps are spring loaded for uniform tension.
  • Built in hygrometer-(RH).