Red220 series - Binoculars and Trinoculars for your every need!

The advanced level of the RED200 series is also underlined by the large and heavy microscope body which ensures better stability, especially when adapting a camera. The large coaxial focusing controls are easily accessible; the fine focus drive has a minimum increment of 2µm for smooth and precise focusing “through” the sample.

The RED220 series also displays an improved level of optical performance. Motic’s Semi-Plan (SP) objectives deliver a supreme contrast with crisp and clear images over a large field of view (20mm). all microscopes come with a set of 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X/Oil objectives to cover the regular magnification range. No need to say that 40X and 100X-Oil objectives come with an integrated spring mechanism, preventing damage to the front lens and specimen in case of unexperienced users.

To transform your microscope into a presentation station for teaching purposes, a trinocular microscope version is recommended (RED223).