SpectroPort Raman Probe - High-performance process monitoring of bioprocess samples via Raman spectroscopy

Tornado’s SpectroPort Raman Probe is a high-performance
sampling device intended for Raman in-line process
monitoring of liquid samples in a Sartorius AmbrTM or
Biostat STR® system. Its optical design allows for a small size
to avoid taking up valuable lab space. Along with Tornado’s
HyperFluxTM PRO Plus analyzer, the SpectroPort probe
measures key process parameters and critical metabolites
(i.e. glucose, glutamate, lactate, and others), making it the
ideal solution for monitoring bioprocesses and cell cultures.
It can collect high-quality data on either flowing or stationary
samples and allows users to optimize accuracy, quality, and
yield over a wide range of biological processes.