The Dino-Lite AM4115T-GRFBY digital fluorescent microscope

The Dino-Lite AM4115T-GRFBY digital microscope with magnification of x20-x220 and resolution of 1.3MP is optimized for research and viewing fluorescent objects by using 480nm and 575nm excitation LEDs. It has a 510nm and 610nm emission filter that is designed to observe a wide range fluorophores with applications in developmental biology, pathology, and anatomy.

The Dino-Lite AM4115T-GRFBY has the capability of switching the light source from the 480nm excitation LEDs to the 575nm LED, which is convenient for dual color stained fluorescence. All of these factors make the Dino-Lite AM4115T-GRFBY the smallest fluorescence microscope in the world, capable of many applications and visualizing a vast range of fluorescence.