UP200St with VialTweeter sonotrode for Simultaneous Sample Preparation

UP200St with VialTweeter for Simultaneous Sample Preparation by Hielscher Ultrasonics

In laboratories, it is often necessary to prepare multiple samples simultaneously at the same process conditions. The VialTweeter enables for the simultaneous sonication of up to 10 vials at the same intensity. Due to the principle of indirect sonication, no probe is immersed into the sample so that cross-contamination and sample loss is completely avoided, and the sonication results are even and reproducible.

Many standard test vials, such as auto-sampler vials, micro-centrifuge vials, reagent vials such as Eppendorf tubes or Nunc tubes of 1 to 5 mL fit into the VialTweeter. To provide even more flexibility, the adjustable and removable VialPress allows to press larger sample vessels to the front surface of the VialTweeter block sonotrode.

Advantages of the VialTweeter at a glance

  • Intense sonication of up to 10 vials simultaneously
  • Indirect sonication at high ultrasonic intensity through the vessel wall into the sample
  • Indirect sonication avoids cross-contamination and sample loss
  • Reproducible results due to adjustable and controllable sonication amplitude
  • The Sonotrode is Autoclavable

The VialTweeter Setup consists in four major components, which are easy to mount and provide high user-friendliness and work comfort: The ultrasonic processor UP200St-G, the transducer UP200St-T, the VialTweeter and VialPress.